Sunday, November 18, 2007

SPM Collective at BCB5

SPM for Software Production Management.

17th and 18th Nov were two useful days for me at Barcamp Bangalore 5 (BCB5). I had earlier proposed the collective on Software Production Management. Things went well as per the plan. On Sat morning we huddled around under the cozy shade of a tree for our discussions. The quick self introductions were followed by a brief session from me on basic setup for S/W production management. Followed by this, Kaetan from ThoughtWorks gave a lively session on implementing continuous integration through Cruise Control. He showed us a short demo of CC.rb.

SPM collective at BCB5

The end of Kaetan's session started an impromptu discussion on eXtreme Programming, especially on pair programming. The guys from rails factory chipped in with some useful contributions.

Thanks to the folks who turned out and contributed to the discussions. It's nice to know a few people who are passionate about this field. BCB5 played as a platform to meet and network with like minded people. I'm hopeful of converting this good start to a long lasting and mutually beneficial community.

I'm going to send a mail to all the particpants seeking ideas to form and sustain this community. If you have some inputs or if you would like to join this community, please do get in touch with me.

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