Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Take on BCB5

Barcamp Bangalore (BCB5) was at IIMB on 17th and 18th of Nov, 07. My overall experience was good and much better than that of the previous event (BCB4).

Things I liked...

  • Collectives. Yes, I liked that the initiators continued with the much debated concept of collectives. Collectives give me a way to find the right audience and to subsequently network with them. It also meant that I get only the interested audience.
  • Better scheduling. Scheduling was much better than BCB4. The wiki based scheduling gave an overview of what to expect and the on the spot notice board scheduling told what's happening and where.
  • Matz! This time around the initiators ear marked a few areas in the corridors and lawns as meeting places named as D1 to D6. Mats, mattresses and pillows were arranged to make you feel comfortable. This enabled small and focused groups to get together and have an informal discussion.

Informal, but intensive discussion during BCB5

Things that could change...

  • I still believe that there could be a nominal entry fee for the participants. This might reduce the number of participants, but will pull in only the fully interested participants.
  • Oops.. I never heard anything about the 'open collective'. Were there any discussions?

To me this looked to be a better barcamp compared to BCB5, especially regarding scheduling. I'm looking forward to the next barcamp. I'm in fact thinking about joining the organising team to get a feel of the challenges they face in bringing up this impressive event!

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Mahesh Kumar R said...

Yes Arul, I do agree the same. BCB5 was well organised than BCB4 and able to interact with lot of people this time. Especially I was lucky enough to get back my long time friends, blog friends etc online and able to spend time with them. Just like that, as a you know ;) we started conversing as s stranger and end up with thick friends kind of feeling. Infact I've checked ur photos,profile and start digging during the session itself and like your passion on photography very much. Now I'm hooked to your blog and flickr feeds for updates ;)
Regarding your session on SPM, badly struck with Amit Ag( blogging session.
I like the BCB5 especially for .Collectives,Wifi,arragement,venue, Ruby,xProgramming,food,open platform to meet geeks like u....i'm just counting for the next barcamp and waiting to meet you.