Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The undocumented Perforce!

I was reading the book "Practical Perforce" by Laura Wingerd and was plesantly surprised when I read about the undocumented commands in Perforce!

Yes, there are a whole lot of undocumented commands that you can use to do lot of smart operations. But the drawback is some of them are deprecated and all of them are unsupported. So use them at your own risk.

The following command will tell you the full list of undoc commands:

p4 help undoc

Here are a few of the undoc stuff that I liked:

p4 files "//depot/...@=1234" -- will give you the list of files changed by 1234
p4 changes "//depot/...@>1234" -- Will list all the changelists done after 1234. The same syntax can be used with dates as well. The quotes around the filespec is needed.

Will try out some of these undoc stuff and document it here!

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